Infrastructure & rolling stock

A global vision of the rail system

Wheel/rail interaction

  • Identification of contact forces.
  • Wear and fatigue of rolling surfaces.

Infrastructure & rolling stock

  • Railway dynamics (stability and derailment).
  • Sizing and optimization, acoustic and vibration comfort.
  • Asset management, service life and mechanical reliability.

Environmental impact

  • Noise and vibration propagation near transmission lines.
  • Transmission in buildings.
    Definition of track laying.

interventions of vibratec

Our Commitments


Control operating costs

Longer operating times, fewer breakdowns, better availability, decision support


Improve quality of life

Less noise and vibration, greater comfort, better integration in urban areas


Limit environmental impact

Improved sustainability of the overall system, maintain and monitor system status

Vibratec has been active in the railway market for almost 40 years, and boasts recognized expertise in the understanding of physical phenomena, and in particular in wheel-rail contact, which is central to the understanding of the railway sector.

We take a global approach to the railway system, integrating both rolling stock and infrastructure. This global vision is essential to understand dynamic phenomena in operation and capitalizing on experience acquired.

Solutions for each stage of a product’s life cycle


  • Specification analysis.
  • Noise and vibration data management plan.
  • Design assistance.
  • Acceptance tests for design validation.


  • Acoustic and vibration acceptance  testing.
  • Diagnosis and expertise.
  • Recommendations and solutions.


  • Diagnostics (mechanical failures, complaints from local residents).
  • Maintenance optimization.
  • Asset management (extending the life of infrastructure and rolling stock).

We support our clients throughout their product’s life cycle. We are involved in the entire rail system, from the design process  to operations and asset management.

Vibratec works with cities, main line operators, urban operators, engineering firms, rolling stock manufacturers and equipment suppliers.

Our experts work all over the world.

Vibratec, a key player in innovation

As a partner in major European and national research projects, Vibratec is also a key player in railway innovation.

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