Testing equipment – Qualification

Test program design and optimization


Customized protocols and instrumentation

We provide you with our expertise in setting up tests, defining experimental protocols and selecting instrumentation.


Test program design

Vibratec can support you upstream of mechanical, vibratory and/or acoustic qualification campaigns for your products, to design the test set-up and optimize your test program.


Test bench expertise

Environmental testing requires proper dimensioning of the test structure. Our test bench expertise guarantees the quality of your test equipment.

Simulation of real or near-real conditions

The aim of a test program is to verify the operation, performance and reliability of a product or system by simulating real or near-real conditions. It can also be used to characterize specific physical quantities.

Customized protocols with adapted instrumentation enable more precise measurement and a more comprehensive assessment of the performance and reliability of the system under test. They can also be used to carry out tests more efficiently and rapidly, reducing testing time and costs.

Our test bench expertise gives us in-depth knowledge of measurement principles, test equipment, control software and data analysis methods. These core competencies enable us to design and develop test benches tailored to your needs.

Case studies

Explore our case studies to discover the tailor-made solutions we have created for some of our clients.

Toutes nos études de cas

Testing equipment – Qualification

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