Acoustic analysis

Comprehensive, expert diagnostics


Acoustic measurement expertise

With Vibratec, you benefit from in-depth expertise in acoustic measurements, enabling you to carry out complete diagnostics of your installations or products, to identify the source of the problem and find solutions


Standard-compliant measurements

Vibratec performs noise measurements during acceptance tests to verify equipment compliance with current standards (API, ISO, etc.) and your project specifications, guaranteeing reliable, compliant results.


Measurements tailored to your needs

Vibratec can help you with your acoustic projects: from acoustic performance to compliance with standards, Vibratec puts its expertise and all the appropriate laboratory measurement equipment at your disposal.

Vibratec has extensive expertise in acoustic measurements, enabling us to carry out complete diagnostics of your installations or products, in order to identify the source of the problem and find solutions. Vibratec also carries out noise measurements during acceptance tests to confirm equipment compliance with current standards (API, ISO, etc.) and project specifications.

For this purpose, Vibratec can mobilize acoustics experts at short notice to visit your site with all the appropriate laboratory measurement equipment.

One of the major issues in acoustic measurement is ambient noise, and more specifically the ability to overcome it. Vibratec uses different types of measurements, depending on your needs, your expectations and the standards to be met.


Noise measurements using a sound level meter or microphone are the most widespread and easiest to implement. These are sound pressure level (SPL) measurements. These sound level measurements are fast and give a value in decibels (dB), which can be compared with permissible levels derived from current standards or specifications.

The weak point of sound pressure measurements is the need to take into account the inevitable ambient noise around the sound source being measured. This is because the decibel value obtained includes noise from interfering sources such as the measurement environment, reflections from the room, neighboring noise sources, etc. These factors all increase the noise level, ie the measured pressure level, and complicate the acoustic source characterization.

Other methods are more accurate for characterizing product-related noise alone.


Acoustic measurements using intensimetry are carried out using an intensimetric probe consisting of 2 paired microphones; these are sound power level (SWL) measurements. They involve measuring the acoustic intensity coming from each face of a parallelepiped enclosing the machine or product to be assessed. This measurement technique makes it possible to obtain clean data independent of the environment, as the probe made up of 2 microphones eliminates any reverberations and parasite sources due to the test site.

Despite this, it is essential to reduce surrounding disturbances as much as possible, in order to come as close as possible to acoustic measurements in free-field conditions. Depending on the test site configuration, recommendations are implemented before the measurements are carried out.

From the measured values, the sound power level is calculated by octave or third-octave band. The sound power level can then be compared with the admissible values derived from the standards in force (sector-specific standards or specifications).

Microphone arrays

For acoustic measurements requiring higher precision, and in more complex environments, Vibratec can draw on MicrodB’s expertise and product range. Its wide range of measurement antennas makes it possible to adapt to any situation and carry out highly technical noise measurements. These measurements make it possible to quickly identify acoustic sources by superimposing noise mapping on photos of the structure.

Measurements “without” background noise

Le laboratoire de Vibratec comprend une chambre semi-anéchoïque d’environ 75 m² pour réaliser des mesures avec un bruit de fond et une réverbération maitrisés.

Acoustic analysis

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