Deformation measurements

Reliable and precise mechanical strength measurements


Customized measurement solutions

Vibratec is committed to offering customized measurement solutions to meet the specific needs of each application.


Real-time measurements

Using telemetry systems, Vibratec ensures real-time data acquisition for in-service measurements.


Expertise and know-how at your service

By making its expertise and know-how available, Vibratec ensures reliable and precise mechanical strength measurements for the most ambitious projects.

Measuring mechanical strength is a crucial issue in many industrial sectors, such as aeronautics, energy, transport and defense. Mechanical parts in motion are subject to high levels of stress, and must withstand extreme operating conditions.

That’s why Vibratec offers solutions for measuring shaft bending, shaft torsion, torque, force and stress during operation. These measurements are carried out using strain gages, which make it possible to define essential parameters such as forces, torques, stresses, fatigue, bending and/or torsion modes, etc.

To meet the specific needs of each application, Vibratec adapts the number and position of strain gages according to the measurements to be carried out. Thus, depending on the case, quarter bridges, half bridges, full bridges or rosettes can be used.

Vibratec also uses telemetry systems for in-service measurements. Strain gages are connected to an on-board transmitter-conditioner, enabling real-time data acquisition. Telemetry systems are designed to be compact and lightweight, so as not to interfere with the measurement task in hand.

Finally, measurement environments can be very critical, with high temperatures or cavitation phenomena. In such cases, Vibratec implements specific precautions during instrumentation, including resin protection to withstand high pressures.

With Vibratec, you benefit from tailor-made measurement solutions, adapted to the specifics of your application. We guarantee reliable, precise measurements, even under the most extreme operating conditions. We put our expertise and know-how at your disposal to help you succeed in your most ambitious projects.

Deformation measurements

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