Simulation enables you to carry out numerous tests through the development of virtual prototypes.

In the design phase, Vibratec can help you select the right simulation strategies, ensure the loyalty of your models and optimize your designs. Equipped with an extensive library of numerical tools, we can help you to :

  • Characterize your operational loads
  • Optimize product architectures, taking into account the mechanisms involved (mass, stiffness, damping, viscosity)
  • Predict and quantify the dynamic, acoustic and mechanical response of your systems
  • Develop virtual mock-ups by validating your models through recalibration procedures with experimental data
  • Define optimization procedures and analyze the sensitivity of your equipment
  • Develop specific tools or methods

Our aim is to provide you with a complete digital platform, to ensure the reliability of your calculations, and to minimize your prototype testing phase by supplying you with an optimized product tailored to your needs.