Structural Dynamics

Understand the dynamic behavior of your structures through numerical simulation


Optimize structural design

Knowing the dynamic behavior of a structure enables us to optimize its construction, monitor its integrity and maximize its performance.


Reduce costs and risks

Repairing resonance problems in structures that support machines or people can be very expensive, if not impossible. Predicting and avoiding them before normal use is always good engineering practice.


Improve structural reliability

Events such as piping or structural failures can have extremely serious consequences. Reliability studies minimize the risk of failure.

Structural dynamics is a field of expertise that must be mastered for any construction project, and is often a key factor in the development of new products.

Ever lighter, more reliable and more compact constructions and products require engineers to integrate the principles of structural dynamics.

Any fluctuation in load or flow, or any irregularity in the movement of plant components, can be a source of vibratory excitation for the structure. These disturbances can have a major impact on the plant’s operating safety, performance and lifespan, as well as on the health of those concerned.

Numerical simulation is an essential tool for controlling these vibrations. It enables engineers and researchers to model the behavior of structures under the effect of dynamic forces, and to test their performance under real conditions without having to physically build them.

Structural Dynamics

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