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Vibratec offers career opportunities in its core business of reliability, vibration and structural reliability, as well as in all support functions.


Calculating in acoustics and vibration means modeling a part, predicting the behavior of a system, keeping in mind the physical phenomena involved and the limits of representing reality, which is part of the appeal of this profession. Working for the Vibratec group means learning a lot, always as part of a team, thanks to the variety of sectors and the complexity of client issues, which are far removed from routine procedures.

Tests and measurements

Acoustic and vibration testing and measurements at Vibratec is like fast-track R&D. It’s a complete job, involving both field work and in-depth analysis, from sensor installation to result presentation. With each new study comes a unique problem that must be tackled with tools that are always adapted to the context.

Project Management

Project management is carried out by a highly specialized expert who continues to evolve technically with the studies for which they are responsible: calculations, testing, from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of euros, from a few days to several months, with one or more participants, anywhere in the world. The Project Manager guarantees technical and financial quality, which ensures client loyalty.

Pre-sales engineer

Pre-sales is based on cutting-edge expertise, enabling us to offer the best technical value proposition (services, solutions, alternative operating methods). Our pre-sales engineers are the intermediaries between the company’s scientific culture and their ability to anticipate market trends.

Business developer

Sales are based on business developers, who are responsible for winning new clients, negotiating and maintaining existing relationships. Their role is to generate and maintain sales momentum, develop the scope of the business entrusted to them, promote Vibratec’s positioning and contribute to your Business Unit’s development strategy.

Software engineer

Software development requires a dual approach to acoustics and industrial computing. On long-term projects, the software engineer is always in close contact with the physics and physical hardware that will be industrialized; he or she is also required to provide technical support to the acoustics experts.


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