Test benches

Customized test equipment design


Test set-up and optimization

Before you start testing, we can help you design the test set-up and optimize your test program. We ensure that all the elements are in place for testing to take place in the best possible conditions


Instrumentation & data acquisition

We support you during testing with the necessary instrumentation and measurement supplements. We carry out data acquisition and analysis during testing to provide you with an in-depth understanding of your results.


Post-test expertise & analysis

After the tests, we carry out expert appraisal and analysis of your measurements, and provide recommendations for industrial solutions if necessary. We also provide you with comprehensive test reports and deliverables for your follow-up.

At Vibratec, we have a well-established reputation in the field of normative and non-conventional testing, and we’re proud to continue making measurements in the most challenging conditions, including harsh environments and rotating parts.

We specialize in the development of innovative and dedicated measurement techniques and sensors, to provide you with our expertise in test implementation, experimental protocol definition and instrumentation selection. We have a complete test laboratory, equipped with contact and contactless sensors, microphones, accelerometers, strain gauges, etc. We also have the mobility to work on your sites in Europe and beyond.

Our test bench instrumentation services are designed to meet all your needs for the mechanical, vibratory and acoustic qualification of your products.

At Vibratec, we’re convinced that our expertise in test benches guarantees the quality of your test equipment. Our test customization skills enable us to tighten up your excitations to make your qualification tests realistic. We use a combination of proven methods and diverse instrumentation to deliver the quality you need for your tests.

Test benches

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