Industrial Sector Training Courses

Have you mastered the basics of vibration and acoustics, but need to apply them to a specific field of activity?

Our industrial sector training courses will provide you with the specifics of some of the trades we’ve been working with for years.


Our Training Center

Sharing and transmitting our know-how with passion are our DNA. Our training programs are complementary and can be scheduled in sequence for a more consequent rise in competence.

All our training programs can be organized on demand to train a group of employees by targeting the specificities of their activity, their function and their tools (hardware, software). Group pricing applies to these sessions, which can be organized anywhere in the world, in your premises or any suitable location.

All of our sessions are based on concrete cases from more than 30 years of experience in all industrial sectors: automotive, railway, aeronautics, energy, mechatronics, etc. Our software and hardware are of various brands, which allows us to use the tools most adapted to your needs.

We are Qualiopi-certified for training activities: courses can be financed by your OPCO (for French companies).

Different possibilities


Standard in-house training


Combinations of standard training courses


Tailor-made training for your specific needs

  • Experimental Vibration Analysis & Using Force Sensors
  • Rolling Noise Computation (Railway)
  • Transfer Path Analysis
  • Automotive Parasite Noise Analysis &
  • System Vibration Uncoupling / Filtration
  • Using Technical Software:
    • Transfer Paths with TestLab
    • Dynamic Model with ANSYS
    • Stardamp
  • Experimental Vibration Analysis -> Experimental Modal Analysis -> Reliability & Fatigue Qualification
  • General Acoustics & Vibration -> Implementing Instrumentation -> Signal Processing
  • Experimental Vibration Analysis -> Experimental Modal Analysis -> Finite Element Model Updating
  • General Acoustics & Vibration -> Experimental Vibration Analysis -> Automotive Acoustics
  • Meeting room designed to accommodate groups
  • Video projector with presentation for the trainee group
  • Videos
  • Flip chart

Each participant receives a binder for each session: including:

  • Training program summary
  • Course training material
  • Examples and/or practical cases
  • Smartphone / computer
  • Quiet working environment (online sessions)
  • Ponctuality
  • Involvement
  • Honest feedback

Testimonials (given in French)

Average Overall Appreciation 2022 : 9.12/10

“Very comprehensive training on the subject, with an overview of both acoustic and vibratory problems. Good understanding of the complete MR-Infrastructure track system. Discovered the approaches and mastered them”. Thomas, AV-FER + VibSol

“Good teaching, very interesting.” Lionel, CAT-A-AUTO

“Very good training: competent trainers, well-calibrated teaching method (theory, practical work, case studies).” Hervé, CAT.V-OG