Measurements, calculations and analyses to benefit your installations

Vibratec has a long tradition of solving noise and vibration problems on all 5 continents. Our expertise is put to good use to help you optimize the reliability of your installations through optimized designs, or to control the acoustic and vibratory comfort of your workers.


Support throughout the project’s lifetime


Design assistance


Validation tests at plant start-up (commissioning)


On-site diagnostics during production


Vibratec provides on-site diagnostics and maintenance for equipment outside controlled areas, as well as for the fuel transport industry.

Our specific know-how:

  • Calculation and seismic testing
  • Determination of operational loading for fuel transport (rolling tests)
  • Vibration and shock resistance of fuel packages
  • Drop tests on containers.


Vibratec has also been active in the hydroelectric market for over 30 years, providing maintenance and monitoring services for turbines and other equipment. You benefit from our expertise in structural dynamics, mechanical strength, acoustics and vibration, as well as our dual skills in calculation and measurement to validate your equipment and installations, analyze the causes of breakdowns, and monitor your structures and installations.

More recently, Vibratec has supported innovative companies in the development of tidal turbine solutions, during the system qualification phase.

Oil & Gas

Vibratec has developed an international reputation and can support you throughout the life of your installation:

  • Design assistance
  • Validation tests at plant start-up (commissioning)
  • On-site diagnostics during the production phase

The responsiveness of our expert teams enables us to respond to client requests for diagnostics. These interventions are mainly focused on:

  • Reciprocating or rotating equipment
  • Piping
  • Structures.

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