Almost 40 years of expertise

Since its creation almost 40 years ago, Vibratec has developed recognized expertise with major industrial players.

We specialize in vibration, mechanical strength (fatigue & reliability) and acoustics. From components to assembled equipment, from equipment to complete sites, our skills can be found in countless sectors of activity: marine, medical, nuclear, OEM, special machinery, construction, electronics, robotics, offroad, process industries (mining, paper, metallurgy, cement etc) and all new energies (agri-photovoltaics, hydroelectricity, wind power, etc).

Our clients include major corporations, ETIs, SMEs, VSEs and startups.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of physical phenomena and our capacity for analysis, Vibratec can support you in your most demanding projects throughout all phases of development, from R & D through design and qualification to on-site assistance in operation.

Our experts work all over the world.

Our expertise will help you improve your productivity, and our flexibility will save you time.

As a partner in major European and national research projects, Vibratec is also a key player in innovation in the fields of mechanics, acoustics and vibration.

Technical specifications

To improve your specifications and control your development objectives and costs

Design assistance

From empirical to finite element modeling to validate, de-risk and optimize your designs and solutions



Testing & qualification

To validate your components, prototypes, equipment or installations


To monitor and work on your equipment or installations in order to explain the origin of problems, or anticipate them

Our Commitments


Tackle your technical challenges


Maintain & improve your productivity


Save time


Provide turnkey solutions

Some areas of expertise

From specification to qualification of your equipment, Vibratec offers you its services to design and qualify your products. We specialize in structural dynamics, mechanical strength, acoustics and vibration. From components to assembled equipment, our skills can be applied to all types of industrial equipment, from pumps and compressors to the equipment on your industrial sites.

Our dual skills in calculation and measurement enable us to intervene throughout the entire design cycle: specification, design assistance, qualification and diagnosis.

mining, paper mills, metallurgy, cement works, etc.

agrophotovoltaics, hydroelectricity, wind power, etc.


Vibratec has been active in the nuclear market for over 30 years. We operate on client sites for diagnostics and maintenance of equipment outside controlled zones and for the fuel transport industry.

Our expertise:

  • Calculation and seismic testing
  • Vibration fatigue analysis, modal analysis, design assistance
  • Determination of operational loading for fuel transport (rolling tests)
  • Vibration and shock resistance of fuel packages
  • Drop tests on containers

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From ship design to operation, Vibratec offers you solutions to deal with your noise and vibration problems and meet the relevant requirements and standards.

Technical assistance, measurements at sea, underwater acoustics: we can support you!

Our expertise in structural dynamics, mechanical strength, acoustics and vibration applies to buildings and works of art. Our dual skills in calculation and measurement enable us to intervene throughout the entire life cycle.

From components to assembled equipment, our expertise covers all types of construction, agricultural and mining machinery, handling equipment, aerial work platforms and elevators.

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