Dynamic force measurements

The key to integrating motors and actuators into a system (car, train, blender, washing machine, etc)


Locked force measurement

Vibratec can support you from bench design to force measurement


Direct dynamic force measurements

Whenever possible, we take measurements using force tables


Indirect dynamic force measurements

When it’s impossible to use force tables, Vibratec masters the accelerometric measurement of dynamic forces

When a product is integrated into an environment or a machine, the dimensioning of the structure is essential. To do this, it is necessary to know the forces coming from the product. Vibratec can help you define your product’s force torsor (forces and torques). Dynamic force measurements can be carried out in 2 ways: directly or indirectly.

Direct dynamic force measurement

These measurements can be carried out using a force table equipped with 3-axis piezoelectric force cells, to measure the dynamic component of the force and define the force torsor at a given point.

Indirect dynamic force measurement

Dynamic forces can also be determined using the structure’s response matrix and the inverse matrix of the transfer function. These two values can be determined using measurements in operation with a mesh of accelerometers and at rest with an instrumented impact hammer.

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Dynamic force measurement

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