40 years’ experience in the field for a unique database


Technical expertise

Qualified, experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of your field



An outside third party with an objective view of the project’s needs and expectations to clarify objectives and priorities


Specification quality

Experienced professionals who will draw up specifications covering all aspects of your project


Save time and money

Enable stakeholders to focus on other aspects of the project, while guaranteeing the quality of the specifications

With almost 40 years’ experience in the industry, Vibratec boasts unique know-how. Our expertise enables you to integrate technical parameters into your specifications, adjust your specifications and optimize your development costs.

Our aim is to provide you with development criteria and procedures tailored to your constraints: saving you time and securing your development plans. We specify your specifications with regard to mechanical strength, worker exposure to noise and vibration, acoustic power, nuisance at property limits, etc.

Define control indicators and critical levels for dynamics, acoustics, mechanics and reliability


  • Control indicators: frequency, amplitude, speed, acceleration, stress, etc.
  • Critical levels: vibration thresholds, maximum rotation speeds, dimensional tolerances, etc.


  • Control indicators: sound pressure level (SPL), sound power level (SWL), frequency, harmonic distortion, speech quality, etc.
  • Critical levels: application-specific SPL or SWL limits, acceptable harmonic levels, permissible background noise levels, etc.

Mechanics & reliability

  • Control indicators: torque, force, pressure, displacement, etc.
  • Critical levels: admissible load limits, dimensional tolerances, service life, fatigue cycles, etc.

Set up qualification procedures and customize your tests to avoid over-quality

  • Define qualification requirements: qualification requirements must be defined according to product specifications and customer requirements. Applicable standards and regulations must also be taken into account.
  • Design qualification procedures: qualification procedures must be designed to meet the specified requirements. It is important to ensure that procedures are reproducible and that results are reliable.
  • Customize tests: to avoid over-qualification, tests must be customized to meet specific qualification requirements. Tests must be adapted to the product’s design and intended use.

What Vibratec has to offer

  • Its expertise at the start of the design process: leading expert meetings to analyze available data and plans, and making recommendations on structure and equipment.
  • Its knowledge of approaches to noise and vibration studies (in agreement with major accounts): issuing specifications adapted to the context and defining the studies to be carried out are essential to project success.
  • An interface between engineering, the company and equipment manufacturers: optimized communication is essential for effective noise and vibration control.

Case studies

Explore our case studies to discover the tailor-made solutions we have created for some of our clients.

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