Acoustic computation

Optimize deadlines, costs and acoustic design of your products and installations


Accurate, reliable results

Thanks to our expertise and the use of advanced simulation software, we can provide you with accurate, reliable results for the acoustic simulation of your space or product.


Reduced costs and development time

Acoustic simulation enables virtual tests to be carried out before a product is manufactured or a space is built, thus reducing development costs and time. We help you save time and money, while guaranteeing a high level of quality.


Optimized sound quality

Using acoustic simulation, we can optimize the acoustics of your space or product to ensure a high-quality sound experience.

Acoustic computation is a modeling method used to predict the acoustic characteristics of a space or product. It is based on the use of mathematical models to compute acoustic phenomena such as sound wave propagation, reflection, diffraction, transmission, absorption and so on. This method is very useful for optimizing the acoustics of a space, designing high-quality acoustic products or simulating complex acoustic scenarios.

One of the advantages of acoustic computation is that it can be used to simulate complex acoustic scenarios. For example, it can be used to simulate emergency situations, which is very useful for engineers and industrial plant designers. Simulation can be used to predict the sound levels and intelligibility of loudspeaker systems in different parts of the plant, enabling equipment layout to be optimized and personal safety to be guaranteed.

Finally, acoustic computation enables us to better understand and analyze the complex interactions between sound sources, receivers and the environment. It also makes it possible to model acoustic phenomena that are difficult to measure directly, such as diffraction or reverberation. This can be very useful for designers of acoustic products, such as loudspeakers or headphones, as it enables them to model and optimize the performance of their product.

In short, acoustic computation is a valuable tool for engineers and designers seeking to optimize the acoustics of a space or product. It enables them to carry out virtual tests, gain a better understanding of acoustic phenomena, simulate complex acoustic scenarios and model phenomena that are difficult to measure directly.

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Acoustic computation

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