Vibration analysis

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Vibratec provides high-quality vibration analysis measuring instruments, offering accurate and reliable measurements to help companies detect vibration problems.


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Vibratec has in-depth technical expertise in vibration analysis, offering advice and assistance to help companies solve vibration problems and improve machine reliability.


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Vibratec offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each company, providing measurement instruments and services adapted to their environment and specific requirements.

Vibration analysis makes it possible to assess the health of a machine and propose maintenance measures.

Vibration levels are measured at several points on a structure, machine or piece of equipment.

These data can be used for comparison with admissible values according to current standards or project/client specifications. Measurement results are also a key element in any diagnosis of non-conformity, breakdown, reliability or residual life study. There are several types of vibration analysis, depending on the context and purpose. The two main types are operating and stationary analysis.

Data obtained from vibration analysis during operation can be compared with admissible values derived from current standards, for example, during equipment acceptance tests.

These measurements are essential for detecting, understanding and analyzing the origin of faults or anomalies in order to optimize product reliability, as they would indicate the degradation of a component that could be subject to special maintenance or monitoring (e.g. bearing failure, rotating shaft misalignment, pulsation phenomenon, etc.).

The aim of stationary vibration analysis, or Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA), is to obtain the eigenmodes of a structure, machine or piece of equipment, each characterized by a frequency, damping and deformation.

Knowledge of a product’s eigenresponse is essential during a complete diagnosis. AME is necessary as a complement to operating vibration analysis, as comparison of the results of the two types of measurement makes it possible to determine whether the vibration phenomenon observed is of structural origin (e.g. appropriation of a structural mode) or whether it stems from an internal fault in the machine (e.g. an unbalance fault).

Contactless Vibration Analysis

In some cases, placing a sensor on the part is not an option. This is the case for parts with extreme temperatures, or for small products where the use of accelerometers could significantly influence the product’s dynamic behavior (due to the mass effect). In such cases, Vibratec uses other measurement tools, such as a laser vibrometers or miniature instrumentation.

Modal analysis and vibration analysis during operation are carried out using contactless or miniature instrumentation. The signal obtained is studied in the same way to determine the origin of the problem: vibration source or structural response.

Vibration Filtration

Vibration filtering systems such as anti-vibration mounts, silent blocks or spring boxes are widely used. However, their effectiveness is highly dependent on their correct dimensioning. Vibration analysis is used to validate the filtration efficiency of these systems. Accelerometers are positioned upstream and downstream of the filtration system. The signals obtained on either side of the pads are compared to measure the attenuation between the upstream and downstream measurements.

Vibratec is also able to dimension anti-vibration systems following a vibration analysis.

Pre-delivery Testing

Vibratec carries out vibration measurements during acceptance tests to confirm equipment compliance with current standards (API, ISO, etc.) and project specifications.

  • Vibration levels,
  • Operating distortions,
  • Experimental modal analysis (EMA) on stationary machines.

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Vibration analysis

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