Vibratec’s automotive department is a recognized player in the European automotive industry (OEMs and suppliers), including manufacturers of trucks and motorized two-wheelers.

Our vision is to provide our customers with a fast and relevant service, based on state-of-the-art tools in acoustics, vibration and mechanical reliability. Our mission is to deliver results and solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs and offer high added value.

40 years of partnership

Vibratec’s expertise is based on almost 40 years of partnerships with major players in the automotive industry, in both testing and numerical simulation. Our core competencies in mechanical engineering are vibrations and their consequences: noise, mechanical strength and fatigue, non-linear phenomena.

  • Diagnostics and solutions
  • Vehicle tuning & component design
  • Finite element modeling and model recalibration
  • Advanced experimental techniques: our technical excellence to meet your needs within the time and cost constraints of your programs.

Innovative solutions

Vibratec offers a range of means and innovative solutions to solve your NVH, fatigue and service life problems for all automotive applications:

  • Body, chassis, doors
  • Powertrains, including electric motors
  • Suspensions, braking, steering, running gears
  • Engine accessories, interior and exterior equipment

Expertise in all areas of automotive NVH

Vibratec has developed skills in all areas of automotive NVH, with particular expertise in

  • Experimental characterization of forces and solid vibration sources
  • Measurement of equipment forces in real-life environments
  • Design of dedicated test benches when direct force measurement is not feasible.

Our Commitments


Fast service


Customized solutions with high added value


Innovative solutions

Working Together

  • On SOW, fixed-price service
  • A pre-sales-through-production project team
  • Type: component or system design & optimization, mechanical bench & tool design, overall dynamics, physical consolidation (from quality to quantity), multi-physics integration, testing
  • Position: pre-project, development, industrialization, operation
  • Typical package :
    • Expertise: in-house, direct access to experts, 1 or 2 deliverables
    • Response calculation: 3 deliverables (pre-process, solver, post-process) depending on physics and complexity
    • Design: 2 deliverables (preliminary & detailed designs)
    • Signal processing: 1 deliverable (test exploitation)
    • Calculation/measurement recalibration: 2 deliverables (MAC-type correlation, digital demonstrator update)
    • Diagnostic Tests: 2 deliverables (BTR / ATR)
    • Industrial or Component test campaign: 4 deliverables (preliminary bench design / detailed bench design / test results & operation / feedback)
  • Hard/software supply, HPC & Lab center, acquisition system / instrumentation
  • Supply of recommendations and industrial solutions
  • Vibratec coordination
  • Level: Technicians / Engineers / PhDs
  • Vibrateam On-site / Vibratec Off-Site

Vibratec, a key player in innovation

As a partner in major European and national research projects, Vibratec is also a key player in automotive innovation.

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