AI for Acoustics & Vibration

Advanced Technique Training

Duration: 2 days (14 hours)
Price: 2 100€

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to change the world, yet it remains obscure to many people. You’ve aware that AI is going to have an impact on your business, and now you want to know how it can take you forward, particularly through more powerful vibration and acoustic analysis.

Participant Profile

• Test or simulation technicians
• Test or simulation engineers
• Design office managers


• Basic knowledge of acoustics
• Basic knowledge of vibration


• 2-3 July 2024
• 17-18 December 2024

No more than 12 people per session

Evaluation – Award

• Questionnaire in the form of a quiz

• Certificate of achievement


Know the main methods that can be applied to NVH issues

  • Methods for extracting important information from large amounts of data
  • Methods to improve the prediction of NVH behavior of systems

Know how to choose the type of method and the appropriate parameters


  • Positioning, objectives and issues
  • Theoretical bases
  • Data visualization and analysis methods
  • Different families of machine learning algorithms
  • Choice and construction of a model
  • Acoustic application case
  • Vibration application cases

Presented by


Antoine PURIER

Jean-Baptiste DUPONT, PhD

Registration / cancellation up to 15 days before each session.

Training material & lunches included.

Based on case studies, alternating theory & application exercises.


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All of our sessions are based on concrete cases from almost 40 years of experience in all industrial sectors

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