General Acoustics & Vibration

General Training

Duration: 2 days (14 hours)
Price: 1 800€

The aim of this training course is to introduce the basic principles of vibration mechanics and acoustics to those who are supposed to have no notion of these fields (even if everyone is already sensitized by their telephone, speed bumps, trains, etc.).

Participant Profile

Anyone who wants to acquire a basic understanding of acoustics and vibration in an industrial environment


High School math & science (calculus, physics, etc)


• 6-7 February 2024
• 3-4 September 2024

No more than 12 people per session

Evaluation – Award

• Questionnaire in the form of a quiz

• Certificate of achievement


  • Know the terms used in acoustics as well as the main sources and modes of transmission
  • Know and understand the parameters used to characterize systems from a vibratory point of view (eigenfrequencies, damping, etc)


  • Acoustic definitions and quantities
  • Sound perception
  • Source summation
  • Air and solid-state transmission
  • Response of systems to vibration
  • Vibration insulation
  • Hands-on work – industrial applications
  • Visit Vibratec’s lab

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Registration / cancellation up to 15 days before each session.

Training material & lunches included.

Based on case studies, alternating theory & application exercises.


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All of our sessions are based on concrete cases from almost 40 years of experience in all industrial sectors

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