Characterization of forces, overall dynamics and mechanical vibration & acoustic responses

Context & Issue

Electric machines emit electromagnetic noise known as “whining noise”, with high-pitched tonal components that are highly detrimental in terms of sound perception. Whining noise, whether electromagnetic in the case of motors or mechanical in the case of gearboxes, is a major problem in the transport industry.



User comfort

Loud, continuous noises can be annoying and tiring as a source of noise pollution.


Improved efficiency

Electric motors that run more quietly can be more energy-efficient, as they lose less energy in the form of heat and vibration.


Optimized maintenance costs


Extended service life

Key Development Points

Multiphysics finite element simulation (FEM)

Multiphysics simulation using finite element methods (FEM) or multi-body methods (MBS) can be used to describe the physical behavior of a system, such as solid displacement or wave propagation.


Optimization process: noise vs. performance


Development and evaluation of solutions

Once you have a clear understanding of the problem, start generating potential solutions. Evaluate each solution in terms of its potential effectiveness, feasibility and relevance to the problem. Eliminate solutions that are not feasible or do not meet the needs of the problem. Based on the results of the evaluation, revise and improve the solutions to make them even more effective.

Results & Benefits

  • Various automotive applications: starters, alternators, etc
  • Significant noise reduction
  • Rapid diagnosis and validation of solutions