Noise from Parked Trains – an UIC Study

Noise Pollution from Parked Trains

Are your line side residents complaining about noise from parked trains? In dense urban areas, the noise from technical components that remain active in parked trains—such as HVAC systems, auxiliary power units, and cooling systems—can be a significant disturbance. But now, there’s a solution.

With extensive research and development, UIC, in partnership with Vibratec, has crafted a comprehensive approach to tackle this issue head-on. Our program is designed to help railway operators, infrastructure managers, rolling stock manufacturers, and policymakers reduce noise pollution effectively.

Our technical approach begins with an in-depth analysis to identify and catalog all the sources of noise from parked trains.  We conducted a thorough review of existing literature and engaged in insightful interviews with key stakeholders. This research provides a solid foundation for understanding the current state of knowledge and identifying the most effective solutions.


Martin Rissmann 1*   Anna-Rita Tufano 1   Pascal Bouvet1    Pinar Yilmazer 2   Martijn Wolf3

1 Vibratec SA, 28 chemin du Petit Bois, 69130 Ecully, France

2 International Union of Railways, 16 rue Jean Rey, 75015 Paris, France

3 Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Laan van Puntenburg 100, 3511 Utrecht, Netherlands


Once trains have completed their operational service, they are usually “parked” for an extended period in the depot or at the terminus of a line. Some technical components remain in operation, e.g. to protect technical equipment or to heat / cool the driver’s cabin and the passenger area. Line side residents may find this annoying, especially in urban areas where densification and increased traffic is a particular problem to be dealt with. UIC, in particular its Noise and Vibration Sector, conducted a study to critically analyze the current state and to foster a common understanding of the issue among stakeholders, including railway operators, infrastructure managers, rolling stock manufacturers and policy makers. The study included a technical survey, literature review, interviews, as well as analysis of regulatory frameworks  and collection of measurement data.

Keywords: railway noise, noise mitigation, standardization


Noise from Parked Trains – an UIC Study

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